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Au Cabaret Vert Hotel Location: Provincial Museum

Rue 154, Battambang, Cambodia - See Map
Located in the heart of the old colonial city of Battambang, The Cabaret Vert is the first ecological hotel/restaurant of West Cambodia. It offers accommodation in bungalows turned to the natural ... View More

The Rottanak Resort Hotel Location: Psah Nath Market

Rd KO, Rottanak Village,Rottanak Commune - See Map
The Rottanak Resort Hotel Battambang is a calm and peaceful retreat, far away from the busy city streets. The resort is one of the finest in Battambang and the first to offer a swimming pool. The ... View More

Khemara I Hotel Location: Provincial Museum

Building #611, Street 515, Chrey Kourng Village, Sangkat Slaket - See Map
The Khemara Battambang I Hotel is a leading hotel in Battambang, located in the Battambang city center, on street 515, Chrey Korng village, sangkat Slaket, Battambang city, Battambang province, ... View More

Khemara Hotel Location: Wat Pee Pahd Temple

Building #224, Street Old National Road #5, Romcheck 4 Village, Sangkat Rattanaky - See Map
Battambang is the heart of Cambodia rice bowl and it is located around the Tonle Sap Lake, you also can travel by boat from Siem Reap Angkor and therefore the Battambang province consists of many ... View More

Stung Sangke Hotel Location: Wat Pee- Pahd Temple

National Road N.5 Prekmorhatep Village, Svaypor Commune - See Map
The first deluxe 4 star international Hotel in Battambang province set within the heard of the city and offer unique blend of hospitality as well as deluxe hotel accommodation. The hotel is the wise ... View More

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