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Phnom Sampeou Mountain

The Phnom Sampeou Mountain, Battambang is a very popular site of the city. The Battambang city gets lot of visitors all round the year and there are plenty of tourist attractions in Battambang, which are worth paying a visit. 

The mountain is steeped in legend and it is topped by Wat Sampeou. There are also a group of caves in the mountain which must be visited by the tourists. The view from the top of the mountain is simply spectacular. The visit to the Phnom Sampeou Mountain, Battambang will definitely turn out to be a memorable one for everyone. The place will be loved by all the travelers especially the nature lovers. 
The Phnom Sampeou Mountain, Battambang rises from the rice paddies that are located to the southwest of Cambodia. The mountain rises to a height of 2500 meters. The entire mountain is made of limestone and it is doted with plenty of caves. It is just the right place for all the adventure seekers. Though it has not a very high elevation, but still it is a very good place for hiking and trekking. The mountain has got a rich and interesting history which will fascinate all the visitors. There are several routes to go up to the summit of the Phnom Sampeou Mountain in Battambang. The visitors can take up any route as per their convenience. The routes mainly start from the Sampeou Village. At the start of the route there is a straight stairway. After the stairway, there is a route which is a little bit overgrown. The whole journey will turn out to be very interesting and exciting when the slightly overgrown trails gradually turn into fully overgrown paths. The visitors will finally reach the top of the mountain after going through the various trails.