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Ksach Puoy Village

Ksach Puoy village south of Battambang on the road to Phnom Banan is worth stopping off at.

It is a delightful area on the banks of the Sangker River famed for its variety of naturally grown tropical fruits. After the rainy season farmers plant all kinds of vegetables along the fertile river banks, here you can enjoy a walk along the banks learning about traditional agriculture.

There is a weekly fruit market near the rickety wooden and rope suspension bridge spanning the river, here the local farmers offer fresh seasonal fruits – a great opportunity to taste juicy oranges, sweet pineapples, and other fruit…

The village pagoda is beautiful, according to local monks it is over 100 years old constructed when Battambang was under Thai rule. The cooing of the many pigeons, the lily ponds, the teak trees lining the river, and the surrounding banana plantations make for a peaceful setting. Ksach Puoy is also home to two local charities. Friends Economic Development Association (FEDA) have established a community / youth centre catering to local poor children who have little other opportunity to advance in life. SABORAS also helps the poor, especially women, children and the handicapped, gain sustainable livelihoods through community development work. Amongst other projects in and around the Battambang area SABORAS has a Handicraft Centre at Ksach Puoy which produces local crafts such as kramers (traditional Khmer scarf) and silk shirts. This project provides income opportunities for poor widows and preserves traditional weaving methods. The income generated from the center’s activities provides additional funding for the organisation’s other projects.